Pedro Manuel

Pedro Manuel

Founder and Executive Director, BITCLIQ

Pedro Araújo Manuel is a Portuguese tech entrepreneur and engineer, better known as founder of BitCliq, an innovative software company applying emergent technologies such as blockchain, computer vision and deep learning to improve food industries and supply chains.

He is an alumnus of Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa where he studied Electronics,

Telecommunications, Informatics and Computers Engineering, with a final specialization on Artificial Intelligence – Intelligent Physical Agents (IEEE/FIPA).

He is the mastermind behind Lota Digital, a blockchain seafood e-marketplace, connecting fishing boats at sea with commercial buyers over the internet, by implementing online auctions and deals, improving fish landing and speed, and quality control while making sea-to-table digital traceability available. These innovations were validated in a pilot project between 2019-2021 and are now being adopted in Portugal.

In 2019, Pedro and BitCliq were named Best Iberian AgTech Startup – Prémio Empreendedor XXI, by Grupo La Caixa/Banco BPI, following several awards and market validations, such as FLAD/EY Buzz USA, Green Project Awards – Industry 4.0 and European Commission’s Elevator Pitch – Ideias que Marcam.

In the seafood sector, Pedro and his team have more than 10 years of experience working with global partners and seafood leaders in Europe, Africa, Asia and Americas.