The Digital with Purpose (DWP) Global Summit is a flagship event for digital leaders that will convene public and private sector decision makers to accelerate the use and uptake of digital innovations that benefit society.

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On 9, 10 and 11 of July, the Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI), will proudly host the 3rd Digital with Purpose (DWP) Global Summit in the city of Cascais, Portugal. 

The 2024 Summit will unfold across the entire city of Cascais, turning its charming streets and historic venues into a dynamic space of innovation, collaboration, and meaningful change. 

In the past few decades, a transformative trend has emerged – digitalization, offering new opportunities and occasionally presenting challenges.


The Digital with Purpose Global Summit seeks to position innovation and digital solutions as central to the sustainability agenda, with sustainability reciprocally forming the core of the digital agenda. While there is substantial evidence that digital technologies are instrumental in addressing pressing sustainability challenges and empowering global leaders, we currently lack the requisite tools, business models, talent, skills, and collaborations to fully harness the potential of digitalization.  


We live in times of rapid changes. Power rivalries, accelerating ecological degradation and social polarizations pose fundamental threats to the health of societies and the planet. At the same time, we have unprecedented abilities to build a safe and healthy future thanks to human ingenuity and the technologies now at our disposal.   


To unlock the complete potential of digitalization, we must go beyond mere improvements to the existing system and prioritize human needs and global sustainability. Presently, humanity is confronted with multiple simultaneous crises, including the existential threat of climate change, biodiversity loss, and escalating income and opportunity disparities. Our current growth trajectory is unsustainable and has not equally benefited all. The precarious state of our ‘natural capital’ is pushing us to a tipping point, jeopardizing every gain we’ve made. The imperative now is to reassess our approach and place human well-being and global sustainability at the forefront of our endeavours. 


The Digital with Purpose (DWP) initiative was founded on the belief that the paths of human development and technological evolution are deeply intertwined, with the capacity to impact our world positively or negatively. Specifically, digital innovations hold immense promise for fostering a secure and thriving future, provided they are used responsibly. 


Members of DWP are dedicated to enhancing the benefits while reducing the drawbacks of digital technologies, aligning their activities with global frameworks like the Paris Climate Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Commitment to transparency is a cornerstone of this initiative, with members regularly sharing updates on their sustainability efforts through the annual submission of the DWP Framework Performance Certification. 


The movement urges its members to implement solid measures to combat climate change and promote the UN SDGs in their practices, and to seek out cross-sector collaboration for the quick adoption and expansion of effective solutions. 


By emphasizing the need for cooperation and fresh thinking, DWP aims to periodically concentrate on specific areas to bring to light and promote solutions that make a real difference. 

The DWP Global Summit is a flagship event for digital leaders and convening public and private sector decision-makers to accelerate the use and uptake of digital innovations that benefit society and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. The Summit represents a unique opportunity for private and public sector companies, vertical industries, and cities to showcase the benefits of Digital and Sustainable solutions. 

At this year’s Summit we will add one new theme. Thus, besides Biodiversity, Education and Smart and Sustainable Cities which will remain a focus, Sustainable Finance will also be taking the stage.