The beginning of the Movement

In a report produced by Deloitte and GeSI (Delivering a SMARTer 2030), it identified that of the 169 SDG targets, 103 are directly influenced by digital technologies, with established exampes of deployment that provide insight into their potential to make an impact.

Analysis of 20 targets and their indicators across the SDGs shows that the expected deployment of existing digital technologies will, on average, help accelerate progress by 22% and mitigate downward trends by 23%.

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To understand the impact of digital technology on the SDGs, the report sets out new findings for a selection of priority SDG targets. Bulding on currently observed impacts and expected adoption rates, the potential contribution of digital technologies is projected to 2030 and compared to a business as usual scenario in which the adoption of digital technology is held constant. 


This report explores how digital technologies can be deployed to drive impact against the SDGs across four impact functions:

(i) Connect & Communicate

(ii) Monitor & Track

(iii) Analyse, Optimise & Predict

(iv) Augment & Autonomate

These impact functions have been used to articulate the key drivers that link the deployment of digital technology to impact on each SDG, all informed by real world examples.

The Shape of the Movement

Today the Digital with Purpose Movement exists in the form of two fundamental and intertwined workstreams.


A scoring mechanism that encourages corporate commitment to the amplification and acceleration of the SDGs impact through digital technology. The Digital with Purpose framework comprises three main components that are assessed: Purpose, Digitally Enabled Solutions and Responsible Business. The results are translated into four levels of certification: Committed, Developing, Pioneering and Diamond.

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The Summit is a flagship event for digital leaders and convening public and private sector decision-makers to accelerate the use and uptake of digital innovations that benefit society and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. The Summit occurs every year and it aims to be an enabler for action. In 2023, four Manifestos have been released with clear recommendations for a more sustainable and inclusive planet on four main areas: Education, Smart and Sustainable Cities, Biodiversity and Gender Equality.

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