Introduction to the programme

Cities and digitalization: partnering up to deliver systemic solutions 

Cities are home to more than half of the global population and account for more than 70% of final global energy consumption and these figures are expected to rise. The climate and energy challenge is an urban one, and cities are essential to achieve a sustainable transition to a climate neutral, resilient world.   
Cities can lead by example, they are not only administrators ensuring fruition of key services to their community, but they are catalysts for action, innovation hubs, and true solutions’ providers.  

As urban systems become increasingly complex and multi-faceted, the “cities track” of Digital with Purpose aims to offer a platform  for policy makers and digitalization leaders alike to discuss holistic approaches enabled by digital solutions that can respond to cities’ needs to build, operate, and maintain sustainable and future-proofed infrastructures.  

The plenary sessions of the “cities track” will explore the nexus between digitalization and the growing interconnection of urban infrastructure and services, delving into both the opportunities and the risks for urban infrastructures. 

Featuring a series of panels the cities track is articulated to provide a platform to discuss readily available solutions, as well as needs and innovation gaps, to respond to the most urgent challenges faced by cities to accelerate the implementation of their net-zero pathways. 

Digital solutions, collaborations, innovative governance and financing approaches will be presented and discussed throughout the sessions. The conversation will offer cross-cutting insights on  the role of digital solutions in advancing cities’ journey to a net-zero, resilient future, singling out new and ambitious ways forward to build effective partnerships and reach this goal.